Our team brings 50+ years of combined experience in architecting and building software.

Our Approach: We strategise, architect, design, and develop amazing mobile and web systems. We slash operational costs for our clients while increasing reliability by building highly-available and scalable “serverless” solutions in the cloud.

We’re a full stack development software company with a wealth of experience and a unique way of approaching our projects that bring out the best in our teams. Working in apps and web development for over 50 years, we’ve had the pleasure of working on projects of all sizes, forging dynamic partnerships with clients all over the world. Our team’s experience is our biggest strength, providing us the foresight and problem solving skills needed to succeed in today’s ever-changing digital landscape.


Maximiliano Abrutzky

C.E.O. Senior Developer

Manuel Luque

C.T.O. Software Architect

Sabrina Bullan

C.O.O. Head of communication

Diego Teruya

Senior FrontEnd developer

Tali Aspis

Project Manager

Luis Marin

Senior BackEnd Developer

Carla Bruno

Ux / Ui Designer

Manuel Starck

Senior Mobile Engineer

Tomas Gorsd

FrontEnd Developer

Fabrizzio Rostagnoto

BackEnd Developer

Yesica Angulo

Tester QA

Santiago Balog 

Full Stack Developer


Every team has a different approach and their preferred way of reaching the finish line. We have learned to easily adapt our best practices to optimize collaboration working with all kinds of workflows while keeping the development experience as streamlined as possible.

We know how hard it is to work with clients to design an app. We understand they are not experts and it takes a lot of your time to guide them through what we do every day. We want you to focus on sales, strategy, and everything that you are great at, while we focus on development and everything tech related.

It all about Flexibility!
Our PM team is just an email, chat, conference call away, and we know the challenges of getting web projects moving with multiple people involved. When working with us we develop a close relationship based on fluid communications. We are a small company and proud to personally see your project through.

Our experienced and diverse team is known for playing well with others, filling in the gaps, and empowering teams to do more than ever before. Our procedures and best practices may have evolved over the years as we’ve grown with the web, but flexibility continues to be our secret to success.

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